INNODESIGN PRIZE Global Innovative Design Competition, after years of perseverance, has now become an innovative design competition with certain popularity and global influence. In 2022, France INNODESIGN PRIZE International Innovative Design Competition will be upgraded to INNODESIGN PRIZE Global Innovative Design Competition. In collaboration with Redwood Art Media Group, Association of Professional Interior Designers (Dubai), Dubai Design Week organizing Committee and etc, INNODESIGN PRIZE will provide participating designers with a broader global stage for innovative design, and jointly promote the global influence of INNODESIGN PRIZE winners.

In 2024, INNODESIGN PRIZE Global Innovative Design competition will set up a separate category INNO AIGC based on the original five categories, hoping that AIGC players around the world can create dreams together. The applications for INNO AIGC category are subject to independent jury team. Currently, there are 9 members of INNO AIGC Professional jury, including cross-media artists from the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, former World Top 500 AIGC product leaders and members of the jury of the INNODESIGN PRIZE.

On April 15, 2024, the 11th INNODESIGN PRIZE was officially launched in France, the United States, Italy, Russia, the United Arab Emirates and China at the same time. This year, we continue to start design exchange learning trip in Europe and we plan to hold the INNODESIGN PRIZE award ceremony in Milan, Italy!

The organizing committee of the INNODESIGN PRIZE Global Innovative Design Competition looks forward to your active participation!

Organizational structure



INNODESIGN PRIZE Asia-pacific Regional Organizing Committee

Academic Support

INNODESIGN PRIZE Asia Pacific Academic Committee

Association of Professional Interior Designers(Dubai)

American University Dubai Branch

Redwood Media Group

Innovative Design Association


Organizing Committee of Dallas Design Week

Organizing Committee of San Diego Art and Design Week

Organizing Committee of Dubai Design Week, UAE

Organizing Committee of INDEX Design Competition

Organizing Committee of Dubai CID Interior Design Competition

Yangzhou University Fine Arts and Design College

China-Italy Chamber of Commerce

Simple Culture


Promote innovative design works to ensure the authenticity of design works and their property rights protection;

Promote the design value to innovation, environmental protection, strong operability and sustainable direction of the transformation of social value;

Inspire the enthusiastic creation of young designers;

To assist designers in the international promotion and publicity, to promote the international exchange of designers

INNODESIGN PRIZE winner benefits

1. The winning designer will receive the INNODESIGN PRIZE winning designer certification LOGO, trophy and award certificate
2. Winning designers will be invited to attend the INNODESIGN PRIZE Award Ceremony
3. The winning designer's works will be published on the official website of INNODESIGN PRIZE
4. The winning designer's works will be publicized and promoted on international and Chinese mainstream design media platforms
5. Winning designers will have the right to enjoy and participate in all special lectures and seminars organized by the foundation from time to time to enhance international communication and learning
6. If the winning designers participate in the professional training program organized by Innovative Design Association, they will enjoy the priority of registration and certain price concessions


INNODESIGN PRIZE and INNODESIGN PRIZE JUNIOR Trophies represent INNODESIGN's highest honors and are engraved with either INNODESIGN or INNODESIGN JR. exclusive LOGO, award category and award year. There are five colors representing five different categories: black (Industrial Product design), blue (Industrial Object Design), red (Space and Interior Design), green (Communication Design) and purple (Textile design).


The 2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE award ceremony is tentatively scheduled to be held in November 2024. During the award ceremony, the organizing committee will invite representatives of academic committee members, jury members, winning designers and enterprises to attend. The awards ceremony includes academic forums, keynote speeches, design thinking sharing and awards announcement. The specific schedule will be announced separately. If the global epidemic situation is still serious, the organizing Committee will inform the other arrangement officially.


INNODESIGN PRIZE Design Tour is a design exchange activity for the winning designers planned by the organizing committee of INNODESIGN PRIZE. Activities include trips, visits to famous design schools, internal communication with design enterprises and various lectures sharing.

Time Schedule


2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE submission launched in Asian-pacific region


Deadline of submission ( Beijing local time 23:59 of 15th September)


Announcement of first round evaluation results


Confirm the list of going abroad and handle the relevant procedures


2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE award ceremony


Announcement of final evaluation results