Entry Mode

Application types

Professional group: freelance designers, professional designers, enterprises, design companies, design associations, etc.

College group: works of students and graduates less than one year after graduation are eligible for the competition.


  1. Industrial Design Category / Product

  2. Industrial Design Category / Object

  3. Space & Interior Design Category

  4. Communication Design Category

  5. Textile Design Category

Evaluation Standard

The design scheme is based on the principle of originality and is put into use in the market. (except college group applications);

Real innovation: can be reflected from the use, material, technology, shape or concept of multiple levels;

Environmental protection elements: sustainable use of materials, energy saving and so on;

In line with the current market trend;

It has strong operability

Time Schedule


2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE submission launched in Asian-pacific region


Deadline of submission ( Beijing local time 23:59 of 15st September)


Announcement of first round evaluation results


Confirm the list of going abroad and handle the relevant procedures


2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE award ceremony


Announcement of final evaluation results

Evaluation Process

All entries will be submitted to the INNODESIGN PRIZE Professional jury, which will independently score the entries from seven perspectives: innovation, operation, function, market demand, appearance, environmental protection and sustainability. The jury will inform the entrants of the preliminary results in writing within 15 working days after receiving the entry form.

The result of preliminary examination is divided into: notice of failure to be selected, notice of nomination and notice of award. Designers who reach the nominated score can apply to the Organizing committee for electronic nomination certificate free of charge. Designers who reach the winning score will win at least INNODESIGN PRIZE or INNODESIGN PRIZE JR. award and certificate of excellence, and will enter the second stage of the competition and compete for gold, silver and bronze awards together with other award-winning designers. The final award level will be reflected in the award certificate and trophy. The trophy and certificate of review stage will need to pay the corresponding fee.

The winning designers will be invited to attend the 10th anniversary of the 2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE Competition and the award ceremony. The jury will announce the final review results and the winners during the ceremony. The trophies and certificates of the winning designers who are unable to attend the award ceremony will be sent by air to the Beijing Office of the organizer after the award ceremony, and the office staff will arrange domestic express delivery to the winning designers.

INNODESIGN PRIZE JUNIOR is a special award for students who have graduated less than one year after graduation. The INNODESIGN PRIZE JUNIOR is designed to find outstanding design students with potential through independent judging of the entries submitted by the jury.

First round evaluation

Submit the completed 2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE/INNODESIGN PRIZE JUNIOR application form. If more than one entry is submitted, one application form per entry, a maximum of three entries per designer per category are allowed. (Please fill in the application form carefully as it is the main basis of the jury in the preliminary stage)

Second round evaluation

Hd images of the selected works
Description of design concept of selected works (Chinese and English)
A personal image photo of the selected designer

How to obtain 2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE application form

Mode 1:
The application form can be obtained free of charge by sending an email to innodesign_cn@foxmail.com or the email address designated by each office or competition area. The email subject should be in the following format: "2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE+ Name + Entry Category" or "2024 INNODESIGN PRIZE JUNIOR + Name + Entry Category", the staff will provide you with the relevant application form according to the category you applied for.

Method 2:
Scan the QR code below to obtain the corresponding entry application form.

16796675723356d8c288a3f173eb8.jpg?version=0 img_load


In order to explain the designer's design concept accurately, the application form should be filled in English as far as possible. If you can't speak English, you should fill in the form in Chinese.The translation service fee is RMB 300 per file.

The pictures of the design works will be added to the application form directly according to the requirements, and the form will be sent to innodesign_cn@foxmail.com, each office and the designated email address of the competition area in WORD version.

For more details about the contest, please follow the official WeChat official account of the contest: if you have any questions, you can add the official WeChat of the contest INNODESIGN_ CN Consulting.